15-3 Can You Learn Ethics by Watching TV?

Can You Learn Ethics by Watching TV? The Use of TV Shows in Teaching Ethics in Physical Therapy
Zahava Davidow


This article deals with teaching medical ethics by watching sections of medical dramas. The method is used in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Haifa in teaching ethics to students and clinical instructors. In this method a 10-20 minute edited video clip from a TV show that contains an ethical dilemma or issue is presented. First, participants are asked to answer questions about the case and then analyze the dilemma in groups and discuss it. Finally participants are invited to propose solutions and to examine how the Physical Therapy code of ethics is reflected in the case. This teaching method encourages active involvement in different aspects of analyzing a dilemma, and allows participants to learn about different value systems.

Key words: ethics, teaching, students, clinical instructors, Physical Therapy code of ethics




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