14-3 The effect of electrical current on wound healing

The effect of electrical current on wound healing: A systematic literature review
Maya Elhasid, BPT. Rina Tamari, BPT.



Diabetes has unique characteristics such as increased level of blood glucose and peripheral neuropathy that can influence wound healing. There is evidence in the literature that treatment using electrical stimulation may improve healing of chronic wounds. However, the efficacy of electrical stimulation specifically in the treatment of chronic wounds resulting from diabetes has not been investigated. A systematic review of articles appearing in Pubmed and GoogleScholar revealed seven relevant research articles. In most of these, positive results were found when electrical stimulation was used in addition to standard treatment, as compared to control groups receiving standard care only. These studies provide evidence that electrical stimulation may influence the speed of wound healing and increase the percentage of healing. However, it is difficult to reach a clear conclusion as to recommended treatment because of the paucity of research and the wide variation in the quality of the research and the treatment protocols. Additional research is needed in order to strengthen the positive results and to define an effective treatment protocol.


Key words: electrical stimulation, wounds, diabetes.




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