16-1 Adapting group exercises for post-polio survivors

Adapting group exercises for post-polio survivors / Tamar Jacob




There is a consensus among researchers regarding the important role of physical activity for post-polio (PP) survivors. However, recommendations for physical activity are usually described only in general terms; a detailed exercise program, including the modifications recommended for individuals with various degrees of functional disabilities, would be a valuable resource for physiotherapists. The inclusion of potential modifications is essential for PP survivors, who experience constant deterioration of strength, range of movement, energy level, and function.

An example of a setting in which such a detailed physical activity program would be suitable is an exercise group for PP survivors, who participate in the program regularly over a period of several years. The current study reviews the developments and adjustments made to an exercise program that has been in use with a group of PP survivors over the last eight years. The program's aims and content are modified constantly, in order to accommodate changes in participants’ physical abilities. Participants in this group enjoy both the physical and social benefits afforded by this program. A description of this program may guide professionals who wish to provide group exercises for other post-polio survivors.


Key words: Group exercises, pots-polio, modification.

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