About the Journal of the Israel Physiotherapy Society - JIPTS

About the Journal of the Israel Physiotherapy Society (JIPTS)

The Journal of the Israel Physiotherapy Society (JIPTS) is published by the Israeli Physiotherapy Society. The aim of the journal is to increase the breadth and depth of knowledge in the field and to promote evidence-based practice in all aspects of the profession.

The JIPTS is an open access, peer reviewed journal. Each article submitted is reviewed by 2-3 readers, in a double-blinded process, ensuring the anonymity of all parties. Reviewers are instructed to assist the authors in writing and editing their work.

The journal is indexed in the following databases:

• CINAHL- An international database specializing in the health professions.
• Haifa database- A database of professional journals published in Hebrew. Available at:
• The National Library of Israel- The national library of all professional material published in Israel. Available at:

The journal is published three times a year in both hard copy and in two electronic formats – one for online reading and the other as downloadable PDF files. The journal is published in Hebrew; however, there is an English abstract attached to each of the articles in Hebrew. In addition, some issues of the journal contain one article from the international literature, which has been translated into Hebrew (pending publisher's permission). Occasionally, the journal will publish issues containing one original article in English.

All submitted articles must conform to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, prepared by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (


The JIPTS contains the following sections:

Editorial – The editorial is written by either the chief editor or the managing editor. The editorials usually deal with current events of interest to the readers and represent the personal opinion of the editor.

Original Articles – Research articles or systematic literature reviews.

Perspectives – Articles describing authors' experience related to particular aspects of the profession, for example, treatment procedures or teaching methods.

Case Reports – These must be unique, first-time reports of a clinical case series or intervention series, in order to be of interest to JIPTS readers  and be considered for publication.

News from the Web – Description of websites relevant to physiotherapy.

Seeing the World –  Abstracts of articles published in the global professional physiotherapy literature and in other relevant fields. Priority is given to articles written by Israeli physiotherapists.

Statistical Advice – Articles about issues related to statistical analysis.

From the Bookshelf – Review of new professional books.


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