16.11.20 - Pain, trauma, and mechanisms of behavioral change - Dr. Graciela Rovner

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Pain, trauma, and mechanisms of behavioral change towards
acceptance and enhancement of physical function


סדנה און ליין
16.11.20 בשעות - 17:00-20:30

המכניזם של שינוי התנהגותי, ואיך נוכל להיעזר בו בטיפולי הפיזיותרפיה כמקדמי שינוי התנהגותי.


מרצה:   DR Graciela Rovner

Graciela Rovner

דר' רובנר הינה פיזיותרפיסטית בעלת שם עולמי בתחום,
מייסדת ומנהלת המכון ל
ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
גישה זו הינה אחת הבולטות בתחום,
וזוכה לתמיכה מחקרית רבה.
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We know that physiotherapy is effective; however, we do not know WHY: which are the mechanisms of action the lead to the desired outcome?
In other words, the means by which we effectively improve the functional level and quality of life of our patients. 

Engaging in new exercises or a more active life can be challenging behavioral changes, and we, physiotherapists, need the skills to prompt them effectively. These skills are imperative while working with chronic conditions, where the focus is on increasing function rather than just decreasing symptomatology. 

Understanding the mechanisms of behavioral changes is an essential skill for any health professional, given that the majority of sickness and death are due to chronic conditions related to our lifestyles, such as low physical activity, high sedentary time, and mental ill health.

In this workshop, you will learn about the mechanisms of changes that underlay acceptance and mindful based therapies and how to adapt them into our profession. You will also learn about different behavioral plasticity profiles and how this profiling taxonomy informs our clinical decision-making. 

Dr. Rovner is a senior pain and mental health specialist physiotherapist in Sweden. She has been nominated as the physiotherapist of the year 2014.

She holds three Masters: one in Physiotherapy, the second in vocational and clinical Psychology, and the third in Clinical Medical Sciences, and her Doctorate is in Rehabilitation  Medicine (all held in Sweden).

She is a clinical researcher part-time and teaches and supervises at post-graduate level to psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and medical doctors at Karolinska Institutet. 

Dr. Rovner is the only physiotherapist worldwide trained by the founders of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the only international trainers that are a physio.

As such, she and her lab have been working on adapting ACT into physiotherapy and the interprofessional rehabilitation team. The model is known ad the Behavioral Plasticity model with the ACTiveRehab module specific for physiotherapists.

She is the president of the ACT association in Sweden and the founder of the ACT Institutet Sweden, where she teaches in several languages worldwide and offers consultancies to clinics that aim to increase their care quality by implementing evidence-based and person-centered approaches.

She is known to be funny and highly inspirational, do not miss her workshop; that will give you a lot of energy and new ideas for your wellbeing and one of your patients!















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